Celebrating Outdoor Spaces For All

During lockdowns, shelter-in-place, and stay at home orders over the past two years, open spaces became places of refuge, especially for those without backyards or urban greenspaces nearby. But for those who enjoyed the open spaces and trails “before it was cool,” increased visitation was a major change. So how do we adjust to the fact that more and more people are going outside and are visiting the hidden open space gems and best kept secret parks and trails?

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Flower Frenzy 2022!

We’ve all heard of March get ready for FLOWER FRENZY! We’re back for our SECOND season of the Open Space Authority’s Wildflower Bracket!

Join us this month for a fun wildflower-themed bracket to find out which species is this year’s favorite – while learning about native California flowers!

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Community Connections: Julie Morris

In January 2022, Julie Morris was appointed as County Agricultural Liaison, a Cooperative Extension position supported by the Santa Clara County Agricultural Division and University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources. Guided by the Santa Clara Valley Agricultural Plan, (written in partnership between Santa Clara County and the Open Space Authority) Morris is working to promote and protect agriculture in the region. With 30 years of experience in ranching, journalism, and food marketing, she is well-qualified to support the County’s efforts to conserve agricultural viability and productivity.

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Monarch Butterflies: Adaptation in Action

Adaptation is a mechanism in nature that helps plants and animals evolve to withstand new environments. After all, the ability to adapt to changing conditions is critical to resilience and longevity for any species. One small, but iconic species that is flexing their resilience in 2022 is the Western monarch butterfly, an invertebrate with a surprising capacity to respond and adapt to both positive and negative environmental changes.

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Staff Spotlight: Meet Elizabeth Loretto

“The way I describe it is being responsible for the people, the systems, and the facility that will help everyone get their job done well.”

Elizabeth Loretto, Human Resources Officer at the Authority, never knew what she wanted to do with her career, but she knew she wanted to be a part of something larger than herself. Her mom worked at small, community and mission-based organization, and both of her parents spent much of their time volunteering in the community. “I always saw myself in that kind of role.”

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Furtado Barn: From Ruin to Restoration

Tucked away behind a walnut orchard in the Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve is a small structure known as the Furtado Barn. For years, this barn and the riparian vegetation around it was overwhelmed by invasive weeds. But in 2018, Andres Campusano, Supervising Open Space Technician, and Daniel Turner, Open Space Technician I decided it was time to turn it around.

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Fall in Love With These Six Outdoor Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so here’s a list of nature-filled activities you can do to celebrate all the love in your life. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your love, Palentine’s Day with a friend, Galentine’s Day with your gal pals, (or just really like boxes of chocolate) we have some fun ideas that you will be sure to love this February.

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Why do Salamanders Breathe Through Their Skin?

It’s salamander season!

Although similar in shape, salamanders are not the same as lizards. In fact, they are amphibians, which means their skin is moist, and they are typically found in dark, damp environments. Although these creatures are quite gentle and non-aggressive, there are a few good reasons not to pick them up – including the fact that they are slimy and highly toxic.

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Tips to Stay Safe and Prepared on the Trail

Not everyone needs Bear Grylls' level of wilderness expertise to stay safe outside in nature. The smallest safety measures can make the biggest difference – and can even save your life!

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POST Permanently Protects 71 Acres in Mid Coyote Valley

On January 12, Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) announced the purchase and permanent protection of approximately 71 acres within a key corridor that connects the North Coyote Valley Conservation Area to the Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve.

This transaction increases the number of protected acres in this “last chance” valley floor to more than 1,500. Located at the end of Richmond Avenue in Mid Coyote Valley, the property connects to several POST-protected properties that stretch along Santa Teresa Boulevard and Fisher Creek. Protecting it creates a 1.5-mile corridor of contiguous protected creek-side lands within the 100-year floodplain that extends south of Bailey Avenue.

Read the full article from POST here. 

Photo: Teddy Miller

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