Animal Crossing: Improved Fencing for Local Wildlife

In 2022, the Open Space Authority installed new, wildlife-friendly fencing at Coyote Ridge Open Space Preserve. While it may not seem like the most dramatic restoration initiative, it is important for helping wildlife move throughout landscapes where conservation grazing is a critical strategy for grassland ecology and rare species management.

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Early Detection, Rapid Response

When it comes to invasive species, the best time to address the problem is as soon as you realize you have one. Invasive plants can quickly start outcompeting native species and spread to unmanageable levels, which has harmful effects on native wildlife populations. By addressing invasive plants when populations remain small, the Open Space Authority can improve the likelihood of successfully eradicating unwanted plants and using cost-effective treatments. To address these undesirable plant species at their initial stages of invasion, the Open Space Authority launched a pilot program for Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) in 2022, starting a process that will occur in yearly cycle.

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Volunteer Restoration - A Year at Furtado

"Above all, restoration is a process."

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Local Second Graders Restore Riparian Habitat

They dug holes, they hammered stakes into coconut fiber mats, and they planted a whole lot of native plants - 159, to be exact - all to help restore essential creekside habitat the Fisher’s Bend riparian area. Pretty impressive work for three groups of second graders!

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Spreckels Hill and Fisher Creek Restoration Projects

Across the state, safeguarding water resources is an essential and ongoing priority as California’s drought conditions continue. And as the Open Space Authority’s restoration work around Coyote Valley gets underway, there are two exciting new riparian and wetland restoration projects in the pipeline. In partnership with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, the Spreckels Wetland Cleanup and Enhancement Project, which began last year and the Fisher Creek Riparian Restoration, beginning in 2022.

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Furtado Barn: From Ruin to Restoration

Tucked away behind a walnut orchard in the Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve is a small structure known as the Furtado Barn. For years, this barn and the riparian vegetation around it was overwhelmed by invasive weeds. But in 2018, Andres Campusano, Supervising Open Space Technician, and Daniel Turner, Open Space Technician I decided it was time to turn it around.

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A New Year for Open Space

Happy 2022!

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Drought got you bummed? Save Water & Money With These Tips

On July 8, 2021, the State of California declared state of emergency in response to climate change and worsening drought conditions.

As of August 19, the U.S. Drought monitor reported that Santa Clara County is facing extreme drought. With the county’s water shortage emergency making national news headlines, you are not alone if you’re experiencing eco-anxiety. 

But there is hope amid this climate crisis. Through small, everyday actions we can all help protect our water supply - and (bonus) you’ll save money while doing it!

Keep reading to learn how you can make every drop count, and how the Open Space Authority works to protect and restore water resources.

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Drought Resilience Through Restoration

In June 2021, the Open Space Authority released the Coyote Valley Water Resource Investment Strategy (CVWRIS) report. The report was developed in partnership with Valley Water, detailing the water resource impacts of large-scale restoration projects in Coyote Valley, just south of San José.

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Coyote Valley Conservation Lands Network Grows with Historic Ranch Purchase

On August 9th, the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority (the Authority), in partnership with the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), finalized the $5 million purchase of the historic Tilton Ranch Complex. The 60-acre parcel, which includes residential and operational buildings at the heart of the ranch, completes the protection of this historic and environmentally important property. Other supporting partners include Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department and Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency. The partners acquired and protected 1,861 acres of Tilton Ranch in October 2020.

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