Wildlife Grammy Awards

Ah, the GRAMMY Awards. This annual event presents what many regard to be the most prestigious and significant awards in the music industry worldwide. But while everyone else gushes about Best New Artist and debates who was robbed of Album of the Year, we’re celebrating a very different category of music...  

Keep reading to discover ten of Santa Clara Valley’s most talented wildlife musicians.

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Wildlife Thesaurus: Top 10 Native Animals with Nicknames

There are many different names you could use to refer to the animal species that live in Santa Clara Valley's open spaces! You can refer to them by their scientific names or their common names, but common names can get confusing when species have many that are used interchangeably.

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White Butts and Elk Ruts

Bordering Santa Clara Valley to the east is the Diablo Range, which is home to a rare population of tule elk that roam the hillsides. And August through November is a critical time for these animals, because it’s breeding, or rut season!

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Wildlife of the Ridge

Máyyan 'Ooyákma – Coyote Ridge Open Space Preserve is home to a diverse array of wildlife specialized to thrive in this unique landscape, many of which are endemic, or found no where else. The local vegetation and animal life feeds them, the watershed hydrates them, plant cover provides them with shelter, and the uninterrupted open spaces support their larger habitat range as a whole.

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Máyyan ‘Ooyákma’s Rare Serpentine Soils: An Enchanting Find in the Bay Area

Many plants, as well as the animals that depend on them, find it extremely challenging to thrive on serpentine soils. This is due to the lack of essential nutrients and water, coupled with the harmful toxins that most plants are unable to tolerate. The few plants that manage to survive under these harsh conditions are often smaller than they otherwise could be with more available nutrients. But there’s one place in the Bay Area where rare species of plants and wildlife thrive amongst undisturbed serpentine grasslands, and that’s Máyyan ‘Ooyákma – Coyote Ridge.

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8 of the Most Interesting Wildlife Parents in the Santa Clara Valley

The Santa Clara Valley is teeming with wildlife, and a surprising number of these species also happen to be dedicated and hardworking parents. With their impressive range of adaptations, these animals display an array of parenting techniques to assist in the survival and success of their offspring. Keep reading to learn more about these animals and their parenting-styles.

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Animals of the Pride Flag

One of the beautiful things about nature is the diversity of life represented within it, including every color of the rainbow! Biodiversity in nature is absolutely critical for preserving habitat, maintaining a sustainable food supply, promoting healthy drinking water, mitigating the impacts of climate change, and so much more.

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8 Most Romantic Animals of Santa Clara Valley

Humans aren’t the only ones who appreciate a little romance. Santa Clara Valley is home to a vast diversity of wildlife, and some of them really know how to turn up the charm. Feel free to take notes as you read how these fascinating creatures win over their mates! 

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Winter Wildlife: California Tiger Salamander

It’s salamander season, when California tiger salamanders are returning to their ponds to breed. 

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Naughty and Nice Wildlife

Santa Clara Valley is teeming with wildlife that depend on open spaces to survive and thrive. In honor of the holiday season, we’re making a list and checking it twice to see which wild animals are naughty or nice.  

Read More November 30, 2022
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