Open Space Authority Awards Nearly $800K to Local Organizations in 30th Anniversary Year

San José, CA (July 21, 2023) – The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority’s Board of Directors voted to award nearly $800k in Measure Q and Measure T grant funding to six local organizations for the second installment of the 2022 - 2023 cycle of the Urban Grant Program.  

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Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority Awards over $910K for Local Environmental Programming during 30th Anniversary Year

San José, CA (May 19, 2023) – The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to award over $910k in Measure Q and Measure T grant funding to 13 local organizations for the Program category of the 2022 - 2023 cycle of the Urban Grant Program.

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30 Open Spaces We Love

To celebrate the Open Space Authority's 30th Anniversary Year, we challenge YOU to visit 30 of our favorite open spaces in and around the Santa Clara Valley! To keep track of which parks you visit, check out the 30 Open Spaces We Love BINGO challenge here.

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New Trails Underway at Máyyan ‘Ooyákma - Coyote Ridge

Fifteen minutes from downtown San José is a place called Máyyan ‘Ooyákma – Coyote Ridge. This unique natural landscape was protected by the Open Space Authority and partners in 2015. Nestled in the foothills of the Diablo Range, the preserve features rolling serpentine hillsides and breathtaking views of Coyote Valley. As the preserve reaches the final stages of the Public Access Project, the Open Space Authority is preparing to welcome visitors this fall. But before visitors can come out and hit the trails – the trails need to get built!

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How to Have a Sustainable Valentine's Day

Did you know that Valentine's Day contributes, on average, an additional 9 million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions? With mass-produced flowers, gifts wrapped in plastic, and cheaply made items, the holiday adds an unnecessary strain on the planet. 

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Guide to Biking in Santa Clara Valley

Whether you are an experienced cyclist, just getting started, looking for mountain biking, urban bike trails, or family-friendly biking areas - our Guide to Santa Clara Valley Biking will help you have the best experience on two wheels!

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How to attract Birds to your backyard

When trying to attract birds to your home creating a habitat that serves their basic needs is essential. Food, water, and shelter are key but aren’t the only variables you need to consider. While these satisfy their physiological needs, birds also prefer a safe space where they can socialize freely. That’s why we reached out to the birdwatching experts from Vancouver to New York to provide you with a few creative ways to attract birds to your home.

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Urban Open Space Corner: Our City Forest

In 2015, Our City Forest, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a healthy Silicon Valley through the promotion of urban forestry, acquired a parcel of land at Martial Cottle Park and created an outdoor urban forestry education center and arboretum, the Outdoor Educational Center.

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Cities of the Future: New Report Highlights Green Urban Planning

The impacts of climate change are intensifying rapidly and as populations continue to grow, there is an increasing need to make our cities more adaptable to the needs of the future.

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Community Connections - Matthew Dodder

Community Connections highlights the many leaders, partners, and neighbors who make a difference in our community. This month we are featuring Matthew Dodder, Executive Director of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society.

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