Connecting Communities and Mental Health to Nature

World Mental Health day, created by the World Health Organization to increase awareness and education about mental health, is approaching once again on October 10th and is particularly relevant today in our masked, 6-feet-apart world.

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Open Space Authority Funds New Projects to Connect Communities to Nature

“Who do you serve?”

With concerted efforts to provide equitable access to nature for the Authority’s entire jurisdiction, this question was one asked frequently throughout the review process for the 2019-2020 cycle of the Open Space Authority’s Urban Grant Program.

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Urban Grant Program Awards over $200,000 in Measure Q Funds

San Jose, CA (September 28, 2020) - The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority’s Board of Directors has awarded $206,324 in Measure Q grant funding to five nonprofits and a school district as part of the Small Grants category for the 2020 cycle of the Urban Grant Program. The Urban grants fund a variety of programming, including environmental education on the topics of food and agriculture, as well as environmental stewardship, with the goal of providing access to nature within the urban areas.

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Understanding our Community and Improving Access to Open Space

The COVID-19 pandemic has simultaneously raised awareness of the need urban residents have for access to nature and open spaces, while also highlighting the great disparities in our society related to that access to nature, and as well, related to access to health care, rate of disease, and life expectancy. Now, more than ever, organizations have a responsibility to better understand the health needs of the communities they serve and make a significant positive impact by providing ways for people to live healthier lives.

The newly released report, Understanding Our Community Phase II, is the latest step in the Authority’s long-term commitment to serve its diverse community in a meaningful and sustainable way.

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Urban Open Space Corner: A New Opportunity to Take BART to Open Space

More than 30 years ago, local open space advocates came up with a vision for a vast trail network that would connect all the ridges around the San Francisco Bay from Sonoma to Santa Clara Counties, into one continuous 550-mile long trail. Over the following decades, this momentous vision that came to be known as the Bay Area Ridge Trail sprang to life, as trail segments managed by various parks and open space districts were added to the map. The trail is now 70% complete with more than 380 miles of scenic ridge-top trails, overlooking every corner of the Bay.

But over the years there’s been one crucial element missing - linkages to the Bay Area’s major transit providers, including BART.

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How to Enjoy the Night Sky from Home

Warm summer nights are here, one of the best times of year to enjoy astronomy!

To get some tips for exploring the night sky, we talked with Swami Nigam, one of the Directors of the San Jose Astronomical Association (SJAA). SJAA is a long-time partner of the Authority, co-hosting many events over the last decade or more, including the regular “Starry Nights” nighttime outings at Rancho Cañada del Oro. 

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Urban Open Space Corner: Restoring the Alviso Adobe and Saving Santa Clara Valley History

Driving north along Piedmont Road along the suburban east hills of Milpitas you might not know that an important part of local history is right in your midst.

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Best Paved Trails in Santa Clara County

Everyone in our community deserves access to nature, regardless of age or physical mobility. Local families want to share the outdoors with friends and all the people they love. Spending time outside can help reduce stress and allow people to reflect, relax, and reset - health benefits that should be available to all.

As part of its core mission, the Open Space Authority is always looking for opportunities to make our open space preserves more accessible by providing paved trail segments with easy access to parking areas, and by awarding Urban Grants to fund urban and neighborhood trail expansions and accessibility improvements.

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Urban Open Space Corner: Guadalupe River Park Conservancy Builds Green Gateway to San Jose

One day soon, when you are driving on Highway-87 past downtown San Jose, you’ll see bright rows of California poppies pointing the way to Guadalupe River Park & Gardens.

A new project, organized by the nonprofit Guadalupe River Park Conservancy and funded in part by $27,009 from the Open Space Authority’s Urban Grant Program, is working to both beautify this city park and clarify the boundaries with attractive and wildlife-friendly split rail wooden fencing, new signage, and native wildflowers.

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Heal Nature, Help Ourselves

If you are having trouble sleeping, focusing, or are feeling anxious, you are not alone.

In a recent national poll, 77% of American women and 66% of men surveyed reported feeling increased personal stress. Worries about the possibility of getting sick, potentially losing a job or business, and managing finances, paired with the new tensions and challenges of sheltering in place, it’s no surprise that we are feeling overwhelmed.

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