2nd Annual Freshman Volunteer Day with The Harker School

For the second year in a row, the freshman class at The Harker School participated in the Authority’s largest Land Steward service day at Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve. Over 200 students and staff spent the day helping with trail maintenance and joining in several environmental educational lessons.

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#OptOutside - It's Good for Your Health!

A growing body of research finds that being outdoors, in open space, can have significant benefits to your physical and mental health. In the 1970’s, noted biologist E.O. Wilson shared the hypothesis that humans have an instinctual love of nature, an idea he called “biophilia.” In more recent decades, neuroscientists have started to find support for these theories in studies of the brain.

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Progress, Partnerships, and the Path Forward: 25 Years of Protecting Open Spaces

Last month, the Open Space Authority celebrated the agency’s 25th Anniversary Year with local elected officials and close community partners. General Manager Andrea Mackenzie shared her thoughts on a quarter of a century spent protecting open space in the Santa Clara Valley and what lies ahead.

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In Search of Bats!

Bats are fascinating animals that have long carried a negative reputation. These mysterious flying mammals have been the subject of superstitions, folklore, and fear. They have also been touted as pests or unclean.

In reality there is nothing to fear about these animals. They are shy, intelligent creatures that play a vital and underappreciated role in our ecosystem and economy.

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Summer Sunrise Photography in the Preserves

When was the last time you got up before dawn just to enjoy the sunrise? In the blazing heat of the Santa Clara Valley summer, early morning is the perfect time to get out in nature to enjoy cool air and the beautiful morning light, but there’s no doubt it can be hard to get motivated for this without some company.

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Join us in October for the Diablo Foothills Walk, Bike, and Ride Open Weekends

For three consecutive weekends in October and early November, the Open Space Authority will be opening up the currently by-reservation-only Diablo Foothills preserve just south of Gilroy to members of the public.

As part of the Authority’s continued effort to expand public access to its 22,000 acres of managed lands, this event will help our community learn about these protected open spaces, their wildlife and natural resources, and habitat restoration plans.

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Join the Junior Open Space Explorers Program

Blast off into nature with our Space Guardians!

Our Field Staff have some very down-to-earth responsibilities that involve the preservation and guardianship of our open spaces as well helping the public, from providing interpretive information and answering questions, to monitoring the trails to help ensure public safety. As you can see in the photo above, they like to have a lot of fun and look forward to meeting you out on the trails. Be sure to stop by and say hello the next time you see them! 

Ever wondered what it takes to be a guardian of our Open Spaces? This August, we’re excited to introduce the next series in the Junior Open Space Explorers Program. This engaging summer day program is for kids and adults to meet our field staff and learn about the tools of the trade.

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New Open Space Explorers Summer Day Program

Know any kids that are looking for opportunities to get outside? This summer, we’re excited to introduce Open Space Explorers, a new summer day program offering school-age kids and their families the chance to get outside and learn about nature.

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Summer Family Fun in Nature

Finger painting scenes of nature – Plein Air Finger painting workshop on May 5, 2018 at Alviso Adobe Park, Milpitas.

As part of our mission, we encourage people to connect with nature, and better yet – to bring their families.

The Authority leads many community events in our local parks and open space preserves each month, many of which are kid-friendly and open to all ages. From nature walks, wildlife and stargazing demonstrations, arts and crafts, picnics, and more, providing opportunities for kids to get outside and explore nature are at the heart of the Authority’s summer programming.

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The Authority heads Out on the Openroad June 24th

Tune in to channel 4 on June 24th for this special event as we continue to celebrate our 25th Anniversary Year on NBC Bay Area’s OpenRoad with Doug McConnell! This weekly television show features the natural, historical, and cultural treasures of Northern California with a focus on protected lands.
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