Snakes of the Sssssouth Bay

The Santa Clara Valley is home to a variety of snakes. They are ectothermic, meaning they are cold-blooded and rely on their external environment to regulate their body temperature. So as it warms up in the spring and summer months, they come up from underground to soak up the heat and breed soon after. Like them, or not, snakes are vital to their ecosystems. Keep reading to learn why it's important for us to respect and protect snakes.

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Wild About Wildlife Restoration

Open Space Authority Awarded $247K for Critical Habitat Restoration Work

July is Wild about Wildlife Month, and the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority is highlighting its important work to conserve and restore critical wildlife habitat in Coyote Valley. A particular area of focus is Fisher Creek on the west side of the valley. At this location, wildlife travels between over one million acres of habitat in the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo Range, seeking the cover of plants and trees in the riparian corridors as they move across Coyote Valley.

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Mountain Lions: It's Not Easy being King

It's almost the end of cubbing season for mountain lions, meaning these mothers are raising their young and getting them ready to survive in the wild. While cubs learn a lot about how to survive from their mother and the first couple years of their lives, it won’t be an easy feat living outside of their dens. Though mountain lions are apex predators, being at the top of the food chain still has its challenges.

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A Guide to Keeping Wildlife (and Yourself) Safe

When you visit a park or open space, you step into the home of a variety of plants and animals. While you are likely to see small critters like birds, ground squirrels, and insects on the trail, you may also see more elusive and commonly misunderstood creatures like coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, and rattlesnakes. But rest assured, these animals are not out to get you. Keep reading to learn how you can protect local wildlife (and yourself) out on the trail. (ESPAÑOL | TIẾNG VIỆT).

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Eight Adorable Springtime Baby Animals

Spring is the season of new life! Below are eight of some of the most recognizable animals that will be forming a new generation in the next couple of months, and that you may be lucky enough to spot on the trail! Just remember to respect these critters and keep your distance.

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A Raptor You Should Recognize

We’ve all seen it – a show or movie or video featuring the majestic bald eagle and its patriotic cry. What may surprise you, however, is that the high-pitched vocalization used most in these clips is not from the bald eagle at all, but from the red-tailed hawk.

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Nature’s Pranksters

Santa Clara Valley is home to a few native species who embody the spirit of April Fool’s Day, every day...

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Monarch Butterflies: Adaptation in Action

Adaptation is a mechanism in nature that helps plants and animals evolve to withstand new environments. After all, the ability to adapt to changing conditions is critical to resilience and longevity for any species. One small, but iconic species that is flexing their resilience in 2022 is the Western monarch butterfly, an invertebrate with a surprising capacity to respond and adapt to both positive and negative environmental changes.

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Why do Salamanders Breathe Through Their Skin?

It’s salamander season!

Although similar in shape, salamanders are not the same as lizards. In fact, they are amphibians, which means their skin is moist, and they are typically found in dark, damp environments. Although these creatures are quite gentle and non-aggressive, there are a few good reasons not to pick them up – including the fact that they are slimy and highly toxic.

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A New Year for Open Space

Happy 2022!

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