New Funding Helps San Jose Expand Parks and Low-Income Housing

While the Open Space Authority always works to protect and promote open space, one program is letting the agency do this while helping the City of San Jose address its growing housing crisis.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Improve Your Environmental Wellness

As the new year lies ahead of us, we’ve been thinking about ways we can make positive changes for ourselves and our natural environment this year.

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Growing Into the Future: Veggielution’s “Roots Down” Program, San Jose

“We need to connect with people who haven’t come here yet to see what they want and need”

For San Jose-based community farm, Veggielution, growing food is what they do best, but determining how they grow their organization is their latest endeavor.

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Open Space Authority Volunteers Bring Nature to the Community

“Welcome! Bienvenido! 歡迎! Chào mừng!”

Recognizable by a cheery yellow banner inviting visitors in four languages, the Open Space Authority’s community outreach booth is hard to miss, drawing in neighbors young and old to learn about nature at local festivals and events.

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Building Community Through Gardening: La Mesa Verde Garden Education Project at Sacred Heart Community Service, San Jose

“We see the garden as a vehicle for social change...It helps to know you are connected and part of something.”

In the face of local food insecurity, Sacred Heart Community Service is providing families with a sustainable source of fresh, nutritious food through their Authority-funded home gardening project, La Mesa Verde.

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Watershed in a Box: Ready-Made Lesson Plans and Educational Resources for Teachers and the Community - Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful - San Jose

“I love those ‘a-ha moments,’ when someone learns something new and sees an opportunity to take action”

One local organization is taking conservation lessons inspired by the 64-mile long Coyote Creek, part of Santa Clara Valley’s largest watershed, and bringing them to the community in a unique way. 

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Growing Awareness for Food & the Environment - CommUniverCity’s Growing Sustainably Program - San Jose

“It’s hard to eat healthy. We’re introducing kids to things like seasonality of produce and buying organic.”

San Jose State students are getting out of the classroom to share lessons in healthy food and our environment with local kids and their families. 

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Greening Urban Spaces to Improve Habitat & Build Climate Resilience

Our urban landscape is a challenging place for native plants and wildlife to thrive. The sea of asphalt and pavement on our streets and sidewalks, as well as concrete, glass, and steel structures disrupt the movement of animals and provide barriers to the growth and dispersal of native plants, critical for urban biodiversity.  Urban infrastructure has replaced vital “green” infrastructure that can help offset the loss of wildlife habitat.  

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Student-Led Exploration Along the River: Guadalupe River Park Conservancy - San Jose

“Every day we get to see ‘the awe’ and experience how excited the kids are to be outside”

Hands-on, outdoor educational opportunities encourage students to take active roles in their learning, allowing them to make discoveries in new and exciting ways. But many children, especially those coming from disadvantaged or low-income backgrounds, face obstacles to connecting with nature in educational settings.

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Best Urban Open Space Bike Trails

It's always a great time to enjoy bicycling in the Santa Clara Valley!

The Open Space Authority recognizes the value of biking to recreation, healthy living, and sustainable transport. Beyond just providing bike trails and opportunities at our open space preserves, the Authority has committed more than $5M to trail construction, connectivity projects, and supporting bike-friendly areas through our Measure Q Urban Open Space and 20% Funding Grant Programs.

Explore our list of Authority-funded urban bike trails and bike-friendly parks to plan your perfect bicycle outing!

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