Urban Open Space Corner: Our City Forest

In 2015, Our City Forest, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a healthy Silicon Valley through the promotion of urban forestry, acquired a parcel of land at Martial Cottle Park and created an outdoor urban forestry education center and arboretum, the Outdoor Educational Center.

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The Monarch Butterfly's Mysterious Decline: What You Can Do to Help

Just over twenty years ago, Monarch butterflies, one of the most charismatic and widely recognized butterfly species, lived in abundance across the United States. Often symbolizing spirituality and hope, these creatures have long been a source of wonder among us and, at the same time, have been a great source of mystery. With complex and largely unknown migratory patterns, unique life cycles, and elusiveness around humans, Monarchs have intrigued researchers for years. At the start of this year, that intrigue mounted. What once was a yearly population count in excess of 1.2 million towards the turn of the century, has since dropped to a far lower threshold of roughly 30,000. Following this already concerning decline, the 2020 count was much worse than anyone could have anticipated: a staggering 1,914 butterflies.

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The Open Space Authority Stands in Solidarity with the Asian American Community

We at the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority stand in solidarity with the Asian American community and collectively grieve the lives lost and lives impacted in recent attacks and hate crimes across the country.

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New Report Advances Authority's Priority for Protecting Grasslands

Grasslands across North America are declining rapidly and with them, grassland birds, which are declining at a higher rate than any other group of birds across the continent. California is home to a considerable amount of grassland and oak savanna ecosystems, two of which – Sierra Vista and Diablo Foothills – are managed by the Authority. These habitats are of high ecological value, as they support a variety of rare and common bird species and contain healthy soil. Stewarding what’s left of these habitats must be an absolute priority. Monitoring these landscapes to maintain their well-being is a way to evaluate our stewardship practices.

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Cities of the Future: New Report Highlights Green Urban Planning

The impacts of climate change are intensifying rapidly and as populations continue to grow, there is an increasing need to make our cities more adaptable to the needs of the future.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking

Hiking is one of the most beneficial leisure activities you can do! It’s outdoors, it’s a great opportunity to spend time with people, and it’s a fun way to work up a sweat. However, it can be a struggle getting out onto the trail and, when you’re new to it, it can be even harder to take those first steps.

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California and U.S. Executive Orders Set 30 by 30 Climate Goals

Last year was certainly challenging, in more ways than any of us could have anticipated. But, Governor Newsom’s recent Executive Order N-82-20, now referred to as 30 by 30, is one reason to be optimistic about the future of our planet’s climate. 

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Fire and Regrowth at Diablo Foothills

Once a month, celebrate #OpenSpaceTransformationTuesday to see how we are transforming Santa Clara Valley’s natural spaces into beautifully restored, healthy landscapes.

Nearly eight months after the Crews Fire burned entirely through the Open Space Authority’s Diablo Foothills preserve, we are seeing new life appear yet again.

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A New Era for Laguna Seca

After over a century of disruption and human development, Laguna Seca, San Jose’s largest remaining freshwater wetland, is one step closer to becoming more like the productive wetland it was in the past. Where the Laguna Seca was once completely dry, we are seeing the groundwater levels rise once again.

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Community Connections - Matthew Dodder

Community Connections highlights the many leaders, partners, and neighbors who make a difference in our community. This month we are featuring Matthew Dodder, Executive Director of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society.

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