Behind-the-Scenes at  Máyyan ‘Ooyákma Coyote Ridge (Spring 2023)

Every year thousands of people sign up for Open Access Days at Máyyan ‘Ooyákma - Coyote Ridge Open Space Preserve. 2023 was different - with construction and trail building in full swing, the Open Space Authority hosted preserve access in the form of unprecedented volunteer efforts to build the trails at this preserve. The new preserve will officially unveil to the public in Fall 2023, but in the meantime, here are a few behind-the-scenes photos to enjoy from Spring 2023.

April Trail Building

Trail building is a time- and labor-intensive process involving considerable planning and of course the physical effort of moving dirt that has been compacted in place for years. While excavators are frequently used in trail builds to move large quantities of dirt, this trail needed to be done by hand to protect rare and native species like dudleya, and dwarf plantains, the host plant for the endangered Bay checkerspot butterfly.

Once completed, Máyyan ‘Ooyákma - Coyote Ridge will feature over five miles of public trails, including over three miles of trail to be designated and added to the Bay Area Ridge Trail system. 

MOCR - Trail building - A-Pilon - 2023-04-04 -21
Teams from the California Conservation Corps work on the preserve's Bay Checkerspot Trail. The trail is named in honor of the federally listed species that makes this unique place home.

MOCR - Trail building - A-Pilon - 2023-04-04 -14-1
Open Space Authority staff and volunteers work on the preserve's Bay Checkerspot Trail. Volunteers worked for six hours on their segment of the trail roughly the size a football field, digging the trail and "refining" it, or filling in the cut area with dirt to create an organized trail. 

MOCR - Trail building - C-Graham - 2023-04-06 - 1
Open Space Authority staff work on the preserve's Bay Checkerspot Trail. Field staff built all of the Open Space Authority's trail in the past throughout its three preserves - Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve, Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve, and Rancho Cañada del Oro Open Space Preserve.

Spring Wildflowers/Wildlife

Máyyan ‘Ooyákma - Coyote Ridge Open Space Preserve in the springtime is certainly a sight to behold. Its rolling hillsides become vibrantly green after the rainy season - especially with California's most recent bouts of rain - and speckled with pops of color from the thousands of blooming wildflowers across the ridge. 

MOCR - Spring landscape - A-Pilon - 2023-04-04-09
Goldfields, California poppies, fiddlenecks, purple owl's clover, and other wildflowers adorn the hills of Máyyan ‘Ooyákma - Coyote Ridge Open Space Preserve in the spring.

MOCR - Bay checkerspot butterfly landscape - A-Pilon - 2023-04-04-07
Find the Bay checkerspot butterfly!

MOCR - Spring landscape - A-Pilon - 2023-04-04-18-1
A new trail at Máyyan ‘Ooyákma - Coyote Ridge Open Space Preserve winds through patches of yellow goldfields, with views of Coyote Valley below.

Pardon our Progress: Construction Updates

Construction for Máyyan ‘Ooyákma - Coyote Ridge is in full swing, and the team is making exciting progress. Things like the trailhead kiosk, map, directional and informational signage, including trail accessibility information will be installed.

MOCR - Parking Lot-1

Staging and Central Gathering Area

The parking lot is nearly complete and shade structures for the central gathering area are being constructed onsite, providing an escape from the sun as guests gather at the trailhead.

MOCR - Central Gathering Area-1

The preserve's vault toilet restroom is under construction, followed by the structure's roof and siding.

An interpretive concrete seat wall is now installed in the central gathering area -the first step in creating Máyyan ‘Ooyákma's unique interpretive experience.

MOCR Shade Structure - Central Gathering Area-1

Fabrication is currently underway for entryway, welcome, and interpretive signage.

The team's next steps are to install accessible surfacing for central gathering area overlooks and Máyyan Wáayi (Coyote Valley) Overlook Trail, as well as benches and picnic tables.

Shade structures

Footings for shade structures are compete and installation of shade structures are currently underway. The next steps are to install roofing, seating, and interpretive signage.

MOCR Shade Structure - Overlook-1

The Open Space Authority is so excited to share this unique preserve with you! For early access opportunities over the summer and a Community Welcome Celebration in the fall, please sign up for the Open Space Authority’s monthly newsletter or events calendar.

May 02, 2023
For media inquiries contact:

Charlotte Graham

Public Information Officer