Community Connections - Spade & Plow

Spade & Plow, a family-owned organic farm, has announced an exciting new partnership with Van Dyke Ranch in Gilroy. Keep reading to learn how this benefits local communities and helps with the implementation of the Santa Clara Valley Agricultural Plan, a joint strategy of Santa Clara County and the Open Space Authority to protect farmland from development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions which directly contribute to climate change.

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Volunteer Restoration - A Year at Furtado

"Above all, restoration is a process."

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Nature Photography 101

Nature photography is an awesome pastime – it gets you outside, it helps you appreciate and learn about your local environment, and it can even help the conservation movement.

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2022 France-California Conservation and Climate Exchange

It all began when a French geographer discovered a parallel between the importance of preserving agricultural and natural lands on the Plateau de Saclay in France, and in Silicon Valley. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting information and idea exchange as the Open Space Authority continues working to address climate change using nature-based solutions to serve local communities in Santa Clara Valley. 

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One-way Trails: Why Have Them?

Last winter, the Open Space Authority launched a survey to gather public opinion about one-way (also known as directional) trails, inform their future at open space preserves, and ultimately evaluate how we can provide more meaningful, safe, and functional nature experiences for all. Currently, one-way directions are in effect on the three Authority-managed trails: the Arrowhead Loop Trail (Coyote Valley), Mayfair Ranch Trail (Rancho Cañada del Oro), and Aquila Loop Trail (Sierra Vista).

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Summer Produce Guide

When you shop for locally grown produce, you help support local farmers, your health, and you also reduce your carbon footprint -so everyone wins! Keep reading to learn about some of the best fruits and vegetables sprouting up this summer, and a little recipe idea to make it all come together.

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How to Move On From Plastic

At the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, we thank everyone for respecting and protecting open spaces and the wildlife that call these places home by packing out your trash. One big, but easy step towards reducing litter in parks and open spaces is saying no to single-use plastics. This July, the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority office is going plastic-free, and we invite you to join us! 

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Staff Spotlight - Meet Megan Robinson and Andres Campusano

Meet Supervising Open Space Technicians, Megan Robinson and Andres Campusano! Learn how these two work to protect the natural and working landscapes of Santa Clara Valley, as well as their efforts to make everyone feel welcome at Open Space Authority preserves.

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Snakes of the Sssssouth Bay

The Santa Clara Valley is home to a variety of snakes. They are ectothermic, meaning they are cold-blooded and rely on their external environment to regulate their body temperature. So as it warms up in the spring and summer months, they come up from underground to soak up the heat and breed soon after. Like them, or not, snakes are vital to their ecosystems. Keep reading to learn why it's important for us to respect and protect snakes.

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Wild About Wildlife Restoration

Open Space Authority Awarded $247K for Critical Habitat Restoration Work

July is Wild about Wildlife Month, and the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority is highlighting its important work to conserve and restore critical wildlife habitat in Coyote Valley. A particular area of focus is Fisher Creek on the west side of the valley. At this location, wildlife travels between over one million acres of habitat in the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo Range, seeking the cover of plants and trees in the riparian corridors as they move across Coyote Valley.

Read More June 30, 2022
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