Spina Farms Open for Fall Fun on Protected Lands

Pumpkins are the ultimate fall icon, and where better to find them than at your local pumpkin patch?

Spina Farms Pumpkin Patch in Coyote Valley (just south of San José) is now open seven days a week through November 6, to serve the community with fall fun and agricultural education. The Patch was originally located off Bailey Ave but has since relocated a quarter mile south to Laguna Ave and Santa Teresa Blvd in partnership with the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority.

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Quail on the Trail

As human kiddos are returning to school, quail babies (or chicks) are getting ready to leave the nest. Keep reading to learn more about California's official state bird found here in the Santa Clara Valley.

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Seizing Squash Season

Nothing screams fall like festive gourds, pumpkins, and squash - and all three are notoriously used to create a cornucopia of autumnal décor. Keep reading for some fun ways to prepare squash, as well as some fun facts to share around the dinner table.

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Staff Spotlight - Meet Lena Eyen

Lena Eyen, Community Impact and Policy Specialist, loves that she hasn’t had a linear paths leading up to where she is today at the Open Space Authority. “It’s a very interdepartmental role – I like how I get to connect with other departments and technical experts and support their work.” As a member of the Open Space Authority Public Affairs team, Lena’s work is focused on legislative affairs and local policy, as well as agency partnerships and community engagement.

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Early Detection, Rapid Response

When it comes to invasive species, the best time to address the problem is as soon as you realize you have one. Invasive plants can quickly start outcompeting native species and spread to unmanageable levels, which has harmful effects on native wildlife populations. By addressing invasive plants when populations remain small, the Open Space Authority can improve the likelihood of successfully eradicating unwanted plants and using cost-effective treatments. To address these undesirable plant species at their initial stages of invasion, the Open Space Authority launched a pilot program for Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) in 2022, starting a process that will occur in yearly cycle.

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Community Connections - Spade & Plow

Spade & Plow, a family-owned organic farm, has announced an exciting new partnership with Van Dyke Ranch in Gilroy. Keep reading to learn how this benefits local communities and helps with the implementation of the Santa Clara Valley Agricultural Plan, a joint strategy of Santa Clara County and the Open Space Authority to protect farmland from development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions which directly contribute to climate change.

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Volunteer Restoration - A Year at Furtado

"Above all, restoration is a process."

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Nature Photography 101

Nature photography is an awesome pastime – it gets you outside, it helps you appreciate and learn about your local environment, and it can even help the conservation movement.

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2022 France-California Conservation and Climate Exchange

It all began when a French geographer discovered a parallel between the importance of preserving agricultural and natural lands on the Plateau de Saclay in France, and in Silicon Valley. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting information and idea exchange as the Open Space Authority continues working to address climate change using nature-based solutions to serve local communities in Santa Clara Valley. 

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One-way Trails: Why Have Them?

Last winter, the Open Space Authority launched a survey to gather public opinion about one-way (also known as directional) trails, inform their future at open space preserves, and ultimately evaluate how we can provide more meaningful, safe, and functional nature experiences for all. Currently, one-way directions are in effect on the three Authority-managed trails: the Arrowhead Loop Trail (Coyote Valley), Mayfair Ranch Trail (Rancho Cañada del Oro), and Aquila Loop Trail (Sierra Vista).

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