Your 2022 Hiking Horoscope

2022 is the year we’ve all been waiting for. Did you take advantage of all the outdoor opportunities you could last year? If not, this could be your year to turn things around. And if you did – maybe you’ll discover a new adventure, or see places well-traveled in a new light. Keep reading to find what may become your outdoor destiny for 2022.

Photo: Annelyse Dok

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Aquariuses are known for...
Being original, full of creative ideas, and coming up with new ways of doing something.

Trail Match
Leave your worries in the car and get inspired on the Sierra Vista Trail at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve. The breathtaking views of Alum Rock Canyon, the South Bay Area and the Santa Cruz Mountains, will be sure to spark your imagination.

As an Aquarius, you may get lost in thought, but don’t get lost out on the trails! Take a picture of the trail map, and practice mindfulness as you hike.

Your element is air, and your wildlife match on the trail is the WHITE-TAILED KITE. Perhaps similar to your social life, these once highly endangered birds of prey are making a comeback. Kites help keep balance in their local ecosystems, and they are known for their unique moves and hunting style and can hover in the air without beating their wings.

Photo: Cassie Kifer

PICSES (February 19 - March 30)

Pisces are known for...
Being genuine, sensitive, and intuitive.

Trail Match
We have a feeling you will know where to go once you read today’s trail conditions. But if you want to know our recommendation (or get too caught up in daydreaming to make a pick...), check out the Boccardo Trail at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve. The breathtaking views will surely inspire artistic Pisces’ next creative endeavor - whether that’s a painting, song, or poem about nature's beauty.

Spending time in nature can help calm us down and release difficult emotions. And if the beauty of nature brings tears to your eyes, that’s okay. Just please try not to disturb the wildlife. Or maybe opt for a dramatic, single tear if something’s got you in your feels?

Your element is water, and your wildlife match on the trail is the CALIFORNIA TIGER SALAMANDER. Pisces are known for honoring relationships, even after they’ve grown apart. Similarly, the California tiger salamander will travel as far as a mile to reach their breeding ponds. Now that’s dedication. At least it seems pretty far when you’re only 7-8" long and spent most of the year underground.

Photo: Stephen Joseph


Aries are known for...
Being passionate, competitive, and impulsive.

Trail Match
Bold and driven, Aries can let it all out on Lower Calaveras Fault Trail to Vista Point at Sierra Vista. This challenging 8.4-mile hike will satisfy Aries’ ambitious nature – as well as the need for a worthwhile reward with its stunning views. Used to leading others, Aries can use a break from extroversion to enjoy the sense of solitude this trail can offer.

Something got you fired up, Aries? A few hours exerting some energy on the trails is a perfect way to use your passion for something healthy! Just remember to be patient with others who may be out enjoying the trail. If you need to pass, give a heads up by announcing yourself or saying “On your left/right.”

Your element is fire and your wildlife match on the trail is the TULE ELK. Like Aries, tule elk are quite competitive. Males will compete to mate and claim possession of a group of females. Tule elk are endemic (found only) in California and they help reduce fuel loads in grassland and shrub areas where they graze (eat), which decreases the area’s susceptibility to fire.

Photo: Adriana Defty

TAURUS (April 20 - May 19)

Taurii are known for...
Being tenacious, perseverant, and appreciative of stability and routine.

Trail Match
Blow off some steam, or just bask in the beauty of earth by adding the Llagas Creek Loop Trail at Rancho Cañada del Oro into your routine. This mellow, 0.5-mile, paved trail perfectly aligns with this sign’s soothing, predictable nature. And the abundant spring wildflowers are sure to satisfy Taurus’ eye for the extravagant.

You may prefer predictability, but just remember that nature can be just as unpredictable as a Gemini. Check trail conditions before you leave home, bring plenty of water and snacks, and carry a first aid kit in your vehicle. Being prepared for anything can give peace of mind in case the unexpected happens.

Your element is earth and your wildlife match on the trail is the CALIFORNIA GROUND SQUIRREL. These highly adaptable, charismatic, and all-around tough species live vibrant lives, and have complex social interactions. They prefer the predictability of open areas with low grasses, and they are somewhat altruistic as they help provide habitat for other species, like burrowing owls.

Photo: Derek Neumann

GEMINI (May 20 - JUNE 20)

Geminis are known for...
Being easy-going, adaptable, and inquisitive.

Trail Match
A Gemini’s indecisiveness makes the Arrowhead Loop Trail at Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve a perfect match. This 3.8-mile loop trail will take you exactly back where you started, so all you need to worry about is staying on the trail.

As you hike, keep an eye out for wildlife sightings on the ground and in the sky. Geminis love being the center of attention, so why not impress friends and family by brushing up on some cool wildlife facts? Just remember to take nothing but pictures as you flaunt your stuff out there.

Your element is air and your wildlife match on the trail is the BLACK TAILED DEER. Like Geminis, they are a bit flighty and herd-oriented. They are also known to give birth to twins, the symbol of the Gemini zodiac sign.

Photo: Derek Neumann


Cancers are known for...
Being loyal and caring friends, and very intuitive.

Trail Match
We are sensing that you may enjoy going for a hike with others. Cancers should take their crew to the Heart’s Delight Trail at Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve to enjoy nature. This unintimidating, flat trail is less than 0.5 miles long, so loved ones of practically any skill level and ability can join. This family-focused sign will appreciate the opportunity to stop for a group picnic under the shade of the oak trees.

Cancers are also known for being sensitive, and insecure at times. Take comfort in knowing that nature can’t hurt your feelings. But don’t forget, it can hurt your skin. Avoid future inconvenience and discomfort by staying on the trail (away from poison oak), and always bringing sun protection like sunscreen, sunglasses, and or a hat, especially during warm summer months.

Your element is water and your wildlife match on the trail is the WESTERN POND TURTLE. As California's only native aquatic freshwater turtle, the Western pond turtle is special and noteworthy. They love basking in the warm, California sun. They are easily spooked though, and will retreat back to their safe space in the water at the first sign of danger.


LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leos are known for...
Being energetic, ambitious, and organized.

Trail Match
Take your sunny self for a relaxing walk along the Authority-funded Martial Cottle County Park Loop, where you can absolutely recite your monologue to passersby, or friends you brought along for the adventure. The always-dramatic Leo will love the dazzling views of the surrounding mountains – and the park features plenty of areas to relax and enjoy a luxurious picnic fit for a lion.

Leos are known for being kind, so lead by example and show others how to respect nature, the trail, and each other by sharing the trail. Open spaces are for everyone and all are welcome.

Your element is fire and your wildlife match on the trail is the MOUNTAIN LION. (Of course!) These majestic big cats are the top predator (other than humans) in the Santa Clara Valley. They may look and sound fierce, but they play a vital role in building resilience in their ecological communities. Mountain lion attacks are rare, but they will stand their ground to protect their young.

Photo: Adriana Defty 

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgos are known for...
Being humble, logical, and kind.

Trail Match
As a Virgo, your practical, detail-oriented nature makes you want to pack as many sights and experiences as possible into one trip. You'll find all this at Rancho Cañada del Oro’s Mayfair-Longwall Canyon Loop Trail with its mix of oak woodlands, grasslands, creek crossings, and scenic views.

Don’t judge a trail by its mileage. Hiking difficulty can also be measured by elevation gain, weather conditions, and terrain. If you are looking to avoid crowds, also check conditions and guidelines for busy times of the day/week.

Your element is earth and your wildlife match on the trail is the BLACK-TAILED JACK RABBIT. They are social animals (maybe slightly less choosey than Virgos) and feel most comfortable eating and relaxing with their group. They’re born with their eyes wide open, and are always on the lookout for signs of danger. They are always ready to warn their comrades of danger, but since they can’t call or text, they do so by thumping the ground with their big, hind feet.

Photo: Cassie Kifer

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libras are known for...
Being charming, logical, and altruistic.

Trail Match
We have a feeling you will spend all day weighing the pros and cons of going with our pick. But if you want to know our recommendation (or get too caught up comparing your options), check out the Kestrel Trail at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve. This hike is short in length, but connects to all the other trails at the preserve to allow plenty of options for you to choose your journey.

Allow nature to bring you and others peace, enjoyment, and beauty by leaving no trace. We know Libra’s LOVE balance, but we thank you for not stacking rocks on the trail. Moving things around can mess up or destroy sensitive wildlife habitats.

Your element is air and your wildlife match on the trail is the MONARCH BUTTERFLY. Not only are they colorful and charming, monarch butterflies contribute to the health of their ecosystems. While feeding on nectar, they help pollinate many different kinds of wildflowers.

Photo: Anatoly Ivanov


Scorpios are known for...
Being determined, brave, and loyal.

Trail Match
Scorpios are also known for being ambitious and mysterious, which is why we think you’ll enjoy the Catamount Trail at Rancho Cañada del Oro, which we like to think of as Santa Clara Valley’s best-kept secret. And that trademark Scorpio determination will come in handy for this trail’s steep stretches.

You may enjoy keeping an air of mystery about you, but don’t forget to tell someone else where you’re going. Cell signal may be spotty during your outdoor adventures, and we know you wouldn’t want to worry your loved ones.

Your element is water and your wildlife match on the trail is the GARTER SNAKE. These snakes are excellent swimmers and are found close to water throughout most of California. These stealthy reptiles have excellent camouflage and are great at staying under the radar.


Sagittarius (nOVEMBER 22 - dECEMBER 21)

Sagittariuses are known for...
Being intellectual, assertive, and compassionate.

Trail Match
On a perpetual quest for knowledge, Sagittarius will enjoy a stroll along the Authority-funded Penitencia Creek Trail in east San José. Educational signage along the trail tells the story of the creek's native trout species and sycamore trees, which is sure to satisfy Sagittarius’ curiosity for the world around them.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to meet new people, consider joining an upcoming event, or volunteer with the Authority so you can enjoy the open space preserves in good company.

Your element is fire and your wildlife match on the trail is the TURKEY VULTURE. They may look large and in charge with their 6-foot wingspan, but they’re not as intimidating as one might think. First, they’re not afraid to clean up a messy situation, and they are also quite gregarious and social. If you see one of these beauties on the trail, keep calm and carrion.

Photo: Cassie Kifer

Capricorn (dECEMBER 22 - jANUARY 19)

Capricorns are known for...
Being persistent, determined, and practical.

Trail Match
Capricorns are all about comfort, so we think you’ll enjoy a leisurely stroll out at the Aquila Loop at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve. This mellow hike offers expansive views through grasslands and rock outcroppings. This hardworking, ambitious sign will appreciate the chance to stop at one of two benches along the way to take in the views and relax.

Pack a variety of healthy, tasty snacks for your hike. We’re not saying that Capricorns are fussy - just make sure you have what you need to stay energized out on the trail.

Your element is earth and your wildlife match on the trail is the BURROWING OWL. You may not see them because like Capricorns, they enjoy the comfort of their burrows, but they are there. They may look adorable, but they are ready to hiss at anyone who disturbs their “me” time.


If you’re looking for more accessible options, check out our list of the Best Paved Trails in Santa Clara County.

No matter which path or trail you choose, let nature take you to a positive, relaxed, and present state of mind. If you’re ready to hit the trail and fulfill your outdoor destiny, be sure to check out the Open Space Authority’s Conditions & Guidelines page to prepare for your next adventure.

January 04, 2022
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