Community Connections - Luís Urias

Community Connections highlights the many leaders, partners, and neighbors who make a difference in our community. This month we are featuring Luís Urias, a vegetable farmer currently working the land at the Open Space Authority’s Pajaro River Agricultural Preserve.

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Public Access Project Kicks Off for Coyote Ridge Open Space Preserve

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Coyote Ridge Open Space Preserve Public Use and Access Plan!

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Watershed in a Box: Ready-Made Lesson Plans and Educational Resources for Teachers and the Community - Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful - San Jose

One local organization is taking conservation lessons inspired by the 64-mile long Coyote Creek, part of Santa Clara Valley’s largest watershed, and bringing them to the community in a unique way. 

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Join us for Palassou Ridge Public-Access Weekend this August

This summer, the Open Space Authority will be opening up the currently by-reservation-only Palassou Ridge preserve just north of Gilroy to members of the public for walking and horseback riding (stayed tuned for a mountain biking-only access day this fall!).

The preserve offers 12 miles of trails to explore at your own pace! 

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Growing Awareness for Food & the Environment - CommUniverCity’s Growing Sustainably Program - San Jose

San Jose State students are getting out of the classroom to share lessons in healthy food and our environment with local kids and their families. 

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Greening Urban Spaces to Improve Habitat & Build Climate Resilience

Our urban landscape is a challenging place for native plants and wildlife to thrive. The sea of asphalt and pavement on our streets and sidewalks, as well as concrete, glass, and steel structures disrupt the movement of animals and provide barriers to the growth and dispersal of native plants, critical for urban biodiversity.  Urban infrastructure has replaced vital “green” infrastructure that can help offset the loss of wildlife habitat.  

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Community Connections - Clayton Koopmann

Community Connections highlights the many leaders, partners, and neighbors who make a difference in our community. This month we are featuring Clayton Koopmann, cattle rancher and rangeland ecologist/rangeland management specialist

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242-Acre Purchase Completes Tapestry of Connected Open Space in Santa Cruz Mountains

Opportunities for Firebreak Management, Sweeping Views, and New Trail Connections

SAN JOSE, Calif. (June 27, 2019) - Undeveloped and largely untouched, a 242-acre purchase made by the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority (Authority) in partnership with the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) completes another pivotal piece of the Santa Cruz Mountains preservation puzzle, opening new possibilities for growing an interconnected trail network.

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How the Open Space Authority Prepares for Wildfire Season

As the weather warms up, the Open Space Authority field team responsibilities shift to prepare for the summer season. In addition to getting the preserves ready for an increase in visitors, the team is beginning to prepare for the ever-growing threat of wildfires.

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Student-Led Exploration Along the River: Guadalupe River Park Conservancy - San Jose

“Every day we get to see ‘the awe’ and experience how excited the kids are to be outside”

Hands-on, outdoor educational opportunities encourage students to take active roles in their learning, allowing them to make discoveries in new and exciting ways. But many children, especially those coming from disadvantaged or low-income backgrounds, face obstacles to connecting with nature in educational settings.

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