Join the Junior Open Space Explorers Program

Blast off into nature with our Space Guardians!

Our Field Staff have some very down-to-earth responsibilities that involve the preservation and guardianship of our open spaces as well helping the public, from providing interpretive information and answering questions, to monitoring the trails to help ensure public safety. As you can see in the photo above, they like to have a lot of fun and look forward to meeting you out on the trails. Be sure to stop by and say hello the next time you see them! 

Ever wondered what it takes to be a guardian of our Open Spaces? This August, we’re excited to introduce the next series in the Junior Open Space Explorers Program. This engaging summer day program is for kids and adults to meet our field staff and learn about the tools of the trade.

This free, family-friendly program will be Monday through Thursday, August 13 - August 16, from 9 to 11 am. The first two days will be at Rancho Cañada del Oro Open Space Preserve and the second two days will be at Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve. The program is flexible - come to only one day or come to them all!

    • Derek & GPS-413803-editedDAY 1: Meet the Head Open Space Explorer!
    • Come learn about what field staff does, how you become one, and what a day on the job looks like. Finally, we’ll go on a walk with our head Open Space Explorer, Derek.


    • OST-1-1-690403-editedDAY 2: Explore Their Gear - Tools and Trucks
    • Come see the important gear our field staff has and what they use it all for. From trucks, to tools, to fire fighting gear, to special equipment, see what they need to do their amazing jobs! Learn how to safely use hand tools (hammers, rip saw, hoe) - Megan will show you how. 

    • CRID - Prescribed Burn - DT - JUN-18-2007 - 11DAY 3: The Benefits and Dangers of Fire
    • Come learn about wildland fire fighting. See the gear our field staff has and how they use it to protect against wildfires. Learn from Derek about fire safety and what rangers do if a wildfire breaks out. 



August 02, 2018
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