Coyote Valley is Yours: Help Us Plan Its Future

The last decade brought many changes to the trajectory of Coyote Valley, and the Authority and its partners are excited to begin engaging with residents in developing a Coyote Valley Conservation Areas Master Plan. Premiering this September is an exciting three-part educational webinar series titled "Discover Coyote Valley" to help introduce people to this unique landscape and spread the word about how to get involved.

Coyote Valley's rich cultural significance, vital wildlife habitat, opportunities for public access, promotion of biodiversity, contribution to climate resilience, and critical watershed protection has made this one-of-a-kind landscape a focal point of preservation and restoration for the Authority and its partners.

The goal of the Coyote Valley Conservation Areas Master Plan process is to bring technical experts, local stakeholders, and the community together to create a roadmap for conserving and restoring this irreplaceable landscape and to permanently protect its vital benefits for human and natural communities alike. The master planning process will inform how we can create a vital connection between people and place in Coyote Valley, while supporting this vibrant ecosystem for years to come.

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The development of the Coyote Valley Conservation Areas Master Plan will engage partners, stakeholders, business, and residents in the Santa Clara Valley throughout the duration of the planning process over the coming years. Using an inclusive public planning process, the Plan, managed by the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority in close partnership with the Peninsula Open Space Trust and the City of San Jose, will be science-based, collaborative, innovative, and reflective of the values of each agency and the communities they serve.

“Community engagement is a key part of this project,” says Nick Perry, Coyote Valley Project Manager. “Coyote Valley is a landscape we all share, and we want people to feel empowered to help us plan the future of its conserved lands through the master planning process.” In 2020, the Open Space Authority surveyed hundreds of community members online and in the preserves to gain insight into their experience with Coyote Valley and their connections to the landscape.

A three-part educational webinar series launching Thursday, September 16 will give participants a deep dive into all-things Coyote Valley. From the unique, diverse wildlife that call this landscape home, to protecting water resources and agriculture for food security, to this landscape’s critical role in mitigating climate change. Sign up for our Master Plan interest list to stay involved in the planning process and to hear about exciting events you won't want to miss.

Together we can play a meaningful role in restoring this vital landscape for nature and people, and we look forward to creating a brighter, greener future, together.

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August 04, 2021
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