Bobcat Release at Little Uvas Open Space Preserve

The Open Space Authority recently joined its partner, Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Center (WERC), at Little Uvas Open Space Preserve for the release of a bobcat named Oakley back into the wild. WERC has been caring for Oakley for the last 9 months and it was finally time for her to go back home.

Watch as Oakley ventures back into the wild and learn more about her care at WERC.

The Authority was happy to partner with WERC to provide a thriving habitat for Oakley. Little Uvas Open Space Preserve has the essential elements for Oakley to survive, including water and food sources, oak woodlands, and more. To learn more about how bobcats use their habitat, the Authority is using radio collar technology to track their mvoement between the Santa Cruz Mountains, through Coyote Valley, and the Diable Range. This study will inform the Authority and its conservation partners on the vital habitats and pathways wildlife are using to help us protect these species. Learn more about this wildlife connectivity research.

June 07, 2017
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