Seven Reasons to Watch our Discovering Coyote Valley webinar series

Didn’t get a chance to watch our Discovering Coyote Valley webinar series live? It’s not too late to join in on the fun and learn about the past, present, and future of this landscape. 

Watch the Webinar Series

1. It’s a learning opportunity!

Whether you already LOVE Coyote Valley, or know nothing about this treasured landscape, there’s so much to learn! From wildlife, natural and cultural history, water resources, to learning what a master plan is and why you should get involved – we're pretty sure you will learn something new at each of our three webinars.

2. It’s virtual 

Gotta love when there’s no travel required to attend events! Bed hair? We don’t care! Throw on your comfiest pjs, grab your favorite munchies, and hit play.

#57-Coyote-Valley3. Just by watching, you’re supporting a local cause

The more you learn about Coyote Valley, the more you can share! We want everyone to know about upcoming opportunities to get involved with the upcoming Coyote Valley Conservation Areas Master Plan. Together we can envision a brighter, greener future for these protected lands here in Santa Clara Valley.

4. Spark new ideas

These focused discussions may present opportunities for you to discover new organizations, learn about climate issues and nature topics in Santa Clara Valley that matter to you, and hopefully inspire you to take action and get involved with Open Space Authority and our partners.

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5. It’ll be fun

Each webinar features a wide range of special guest speakers and topics to keep you interested and engaged. In fact, one of the webinars will feature a surprise guest - of the feathered variety!

6. If you’re concerned about drought, wildfire, and water supply in our region – you'll want to tune in!

63% of Californians surveyed by the Public Policy Institute of California about the environment say water supply is a big problem in their part of the state. As we continue linking the impacts of climate change to drought, wildfire, and water supply, there’s no better time to learn about our local natural infrastructure, and how the protected lands at Coyote Valley can protect surrounding communities and reduce the impacts of severe weather events.

7. It’s FREE!

These virtual events may be free, but we hope they'll be a valuable experience! At the Open Space Authority, all our in-person and virtual educational events are free of cost to make things as accessible as possible to our communities.

Watch the Webinar Series

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October 05, 2021
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