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January 2023

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30 Years of Protecting Nature Together, Forever 

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"The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority is proud to celebrate 30 years of protecting nature together, forever," says General Manager Andrea Mackenzie.

"It was 1993, when ordinary citizens, local elected leaders and the California State Legislature joined together to form a new special district and public land conservation agency in Santa Clara County whose mission would be to balance growth by creating a permanent Santa Clara Valley Greenbelt of protected natural and agricultural lands."

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California Tiger Salamander - Michael Van Hattem - USFWS

Winter Wildlife: The California Tiger Salamander

With rain comes water recharge, new growth, and... salamanders! In the South Bay, the iconic California tiger salamander breeding season is in full swing. Click here to learn about this threatened amphibian, and how the Open Space Authority helps these critters survive and thrive in Santa Clara Valley's open spaces.

Winter produce collage

Produce Guide for the Winter Season

Cold weather offers perfect opportunities to sit down and enjoy a cozy meal. Whether solo or shared, California's array of winter produce always makes for a delicious and nutritious occasion. What's cooking?

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Staff Spotlight - Meet Kat Hill

From finding mammoth tusks in Alaska, to digging test pits in Nevada, Volunteer Program Coordinator Kat Hill's path to the Open Space Authority has been anything but ordinary. Read her story here.

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Outdoor Tips: A Wet Weather Guide

The vibrant green hillsides of your local open spaces are hard to pass up during the rainy season. But with downpours from recent storms comes slippery and muddy trail conditions, and extra caution is advised. Click here for your guide to recreating responsibly this winter.


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In other news...

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Tails of Two Cities: Wildlife Connectivity from the Bay to LA

Join us and POST for an interactive panel discussion exploring the importance of habitat connections for wildlife like mountain lions, bobcats, and many other animals. Click here to register.


Open Space Authority Awarded $1.24M in Funding for Conservation

Last month, the Open Space Authority was awarded a Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program (SALC) grant of over $1.24M. The grant, funded by California Climate Investments, will be used to create a new agricultural conservation easement for roughly 80 acres of working farmlands in San Martin, forever limiting development on the property and keeping the productive farmlands in agricultural use.


Hiking 101:
A Virtual How-To!

Friday, January 6  |  12:30 p.m. – 1:15 p.m.

Every January, thousands of new hikers from all over the Bay Area hit the trails for the first time! If you're stuck indoors due to wet conditions, join us for a virtual crash course about staying safe on the trail, what to pack, and how to make the most of your time outdoors. Register here.


Did you know?

California quails raise their young in groups known as coveys and one bird stays on duty to protect the rest of the group. You can often find adult males, known as cocks, on watch for the rest of the family in a bush.

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We acknowledge that the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority works within lands that were originally stewarded by the Awaswas-, Chochenyo-, Mutsun-, and Thámien-speaking peoples. Today we are honored to partner with the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area in our shared work to protect and restore the environment and connect people to land. Learn more.

Photo Credits: Coyote Valley sunrise - Derek Neumann; California tiger salamander - Michael Van Hattem; Kat Hill - Courtesy photo; Rainy hike -  Ellen Finch; Mountain lion - Getty Images; Ag easement - Isabella Kressman; Hiking boots - Alex Roa; Quails - Canva

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