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November 2021

Board of Directors Pass Resolution Recognizing Native American Heritage Month

Upper Uvas - Sunrise - DN - 01-01-2015 - 4-1-1

On Thursday, October 28, the Open Space Authority Board of Directors passed a resolution recognizing November as Native American Heritage Month. Read the statement from Andrea Mackenzie, General Manager at the Authority, below.

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Sixty Acres of Prime Farmland Protected in Coyote Valley

Green field under blue sky

Sixty acres of prime farmland are now protected at Laguna Avenue and Santa Teresa Boulevard in Mid Coyote Valley. With this latest addition to Coyote Valley’s growing network of protected lands, the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority is working to establish sustainable, local climate-smart agricultural practices within the Coyote Valley Conservation Program Area.

Learn more about this exciting acquisition below.

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Seven Holiday Meal Tips
for the Eco-Conscious

Table with holiday foods

There’s nothing quite like Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends (“pass the cranberry sauce and hold the politics, please!”), the classic sandwich of leftovers the next day, or your aunt’s famous pecan pie. ‘Tis the season of food! Click below to learn how you can minimize the footprint of your meals this holiday season.

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Staff Spotlight: Meet Galli Basson

NPRAP - Galli - Staff hedgerow planting - D-Mauk - 2021-06-21 - 8

The peregrine falcon – one of the most common birds of prey – is the fastest animal on earth. Not often can this raptor, which can fly over 200 mph, be seen steady, up close. It’s no wonder that when Galli saw an injured one in the ornithology center at U.C. Davis, it changed everything for her. What had been a random exploration of U.C. Davis’ undergraduate department course offerings, with one glance into a peregrine’s eyes became a lifelong passion for the natural world. “That was it. I was hooked.” Read Galli’s story below.

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Celebrating SB-790 to
Protect Wildlife Connectivity

Coyote walking up hill in front of culvert

On Friday, October 8, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill No. 790 (SB 790) which builds upon existing framework to ensure wildlife can access adequate habitat to promote healthy populations and build resiliency against the effects of climate change.

Click below to learn more.

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Who Am I?

newt CS 2014-1

I am a native amphibian endemic to California and found across the state's coasts and coast ranges. Terrestrial adults of my species are orange-brown to dark brown above, with pale yellow or orange bellies. As an adult, I secrete a powerful neurotoxin from my skin to repel predators!

The Hay of South Bay

Hay - 1985 Luke Photography - 2

Did you know that hay is a valuable food source for livestock? In the South Bay, hay is one of the most common crops grown by local farmers. Click below to learn more about this important, and largely overlooked, local crop.

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Opt Outside at North Coyote Valley Conservation Area

Sunrise at North Coyote Valley

Friday, November 26
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
North Coyote Valley Conservation Area

On the day after Thanksgiving, we’re hosting a nature-filled day at the North Coyote Valley Conservation Area. Avoid the post-holiday shopping rush, and instead appreciate time with your loved ones and enjoy a much-needed outdoor experience!


Vacancies on the Citizens' Advisory Committee and Measure Q Expenditure Oversight Committee

Sunset over Sierra Vista

Are you interested in facilitating community input to and from the Open Space Authority? The Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) serves to provide communications to the Board from the public, aid in fostering a positive public image of the Authority, and help educate the public about the Authority’s goals and accomplishments.

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If you love nature and numbers, the Measure Q Expenditure Oversight Committee is the perfect volunteer role for you! This committee provides public oversight for all funds collected and allocated by Measure Q.

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Who Am I? - Answer

newt CS 2014-2

I am the California newt, also known as the orange-bellied newt. During the wet season, look for these large salamanders crawling across the ground. Be sure to watch your step on the trails! 

Photo Credits

Sunrise - Derek Neumann
Coyote Valley Farmland - Linda Kwong

Holiday Meal - Authority Archives
Galli Basson - David Mauk
Coyote - Authority Archives
California newt - Christina Schell
Hay Tractor - 1985 Luke Photography
North Coyote Valley - Derek Neumann
Sierra Vista sunset - Annelyse Dok

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