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June 2022

Mountain Lions: It's Not Easy Being King


It's almost the end of cubbing season for mountain lions, meaning these mothers are raising their young and getting them ready to survive in the wild. While cubs learn a lot about how to survive from their mother and the first couple years of their lives, it won’t be an easy feat living outside of their dens. Being an apex predator has its challenges.

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Unsung Heifers of the Open Space Authority

SVIS - Landscape - Chelsea Cross - 2021-03 - 8-1

Ever visit an Open Space Authority preserve to get moo-ving and spot a few cows? While they may make it feel like you're traversing through the set of an old Western film, those cows are not paid actors! The Authority frequently uses cattle grazing as an udder-ly integral conservation and management strategy.

Click below to learn more about these important cow conservationists and how to safely share the trail with them. 

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Sneak Peek: Planning a New Preserve

CRID - Public Access Hikers - D-Mauk - 2022-03-12 - 1

Just 15 miles from downtown San José is Coyote Ridge, where the Open Space Authority has protected over 1,800 acres that are co-managed by the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency. After years of planning, Open Space Authority staff are excited to share more about when this preserve is opening to the public year-round.

Click below to get a sneak peek into the planning process and learn more about what's in store for Coyote Ridge Open Space Preserve.

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A Guide to Keeping Wildlife (and Yourself) Safe on the Trail

CRID - Coyote - D-Mauk - 2020-12-10

When you visit a park or open space, you step into the home of a variety of plants and animals. While you are likely to see small critters like birds, ground squirrels, and insects on the trail, you may also see more elusive and commonly misunderstood creatures like coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, and rattlesnakes.

Click below to learn how you can protect wildlife (and yourself) out on the trail.

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Summer Safety Guide

CVAL - Hikers - M-Bergreen - 2021-05-16 - 145-1-1

Temperatures are rising – and fast!

Click below to check out some of the best ways to stay safe during your outdoor adventures this summer.

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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am a small native canine that has a peppery gray coat with reddish-brown sides, chest, legs, and feet. Unlike most other canine species, I am a skilled climber, thanks to rotating wrists and sharp, semi-retractable claws! Who am I?

Submit your answer below - if you’re correct, you'll get a shout-out in our next newsletter!

Quiz: Who Am I?

Happy Pride Month!

SVIS - Rainbow - R.Obrien - 2022-04-22 -2

Last year, the Authority's Board of Directors adopted a resolution recognizing June as Pride Month. No matter who you are, or what your race, ethnicity, nationality, identity, orientation, background, or ability - know that nature is for everyone and that you are welcome in Open Space Authority preserves.

One-way Trails Survey

CVAL - Trail signs - A-Pilon - 2022-02 - 3-1

We want to hear from YOU about your experiences using one-way trails! Your feedback will help ensure the Open Space Authority is providing meaningful and functional experiences at the preserves.

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Join an Authority Committee!

CRID - Tule Elk - D.Mauk - 2021-01-13 -3

The Open Space Authority is looking for passionate individuals to join two very important committees!

The Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) provides communications to the Board from the public and helps educate the public about the Authority’s work, goals, and accomplishments.

If you love nature and numbers, the Expenditure Plan Oversight Committee (EPOC) is the perfect volunteer role for you! This committee provides public oversight for the funds that positively impact your communities.

Learn more about these rewarding volunteer roles and apply on our website!

Who Am I? - May Answer

Blazing Star wildflower - SD - 05-06-2014

Last month’s “Who Am I?” was Lindley’s blazing star (Mentzelia lindleyi).

Congratulations to our readers who answered correctly: Carl N., Eleanor R., Fran N., Mary D., and Stephanie K.

Photo Credits

Mountain lion and cub - Open Space Authority Trail Cam
Sierra Vista Cows - Chelsea Cross
Coyote Ridge visitors - David Mauk
Coyote - David Mauk
Summer hikers - Marc Bergreen
Who Am I? - Emmanuel Horovitz
Sierra Vista rainbow - Rowan O'Brien
One-way trail - Annamarie Pilon
Tule elk - David Mauk
Blazing star - S.D.

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