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February 2023

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Investing in Our Collective Future

2022 YIR Collage

"Open Space welcomes everyone, brings friends and family together, enhances physical and mental wellness, and promotes wonder, curiosity, and empathy amongst both young and old." - Andrea Mackenzie, General Manager 

The Open Space Authority just wrapped up 29 years of protecting and restoring natural and working lands and connecting people to nature across the Santa Clara Valley. Click below to read the agency's year at a glance, as well as 2022 projects, initiatives, financials, and a statement from Open Space Authority General Manager, Andrea Mackenzie. 

2022 Year in Review 

NCV - Flooded Laguna Seca - D.Neumann - 2023-01-1

Atmospheric River Storm: Open Spaces at Work

Nature is infrastructure! January's parade of storms brought wind, heavy rain, flooding, and a reminder of how critical open spaces are in creating resilience to climate change. Check out how your open spaces weathered the storms and did their part for Santa Clara Valley residents.

Coyote Valley - Poppies - MR - 03-13-2015

How Plants Prepare Themselves for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, and for plants, that's showtime. Whether annual or perennial, the diverse plant species of the Santa Clara Valley prepare all year long for this growth season.

8 Most Romantic Animal Species in Santa Clara Valley

Need help getting out of the friend zone? Santa Clara Valley wildlife might have some helpful tricks up their sleeves. Take notes on some of the most interesting courtship rituals of our local wildlife.

Earth valentine-1

Tips for a Sustainable Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a fun way to celebrate your loved ones, but it's not always harmless! In fact, the holiday contributes to plastic pollution, waste production, and greenhouse gas emissions. Click here to learn how to celebrate sustainably this year.


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In other news...


Open Space Authority Awarded District of Distinction

Earlier this month, the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority joined a very select group of districts in receiving the Special District Leadership Foundation (SDLF) District of Distinction Accreditation. SCVOSA is one of only 40 districts statewide, and only eight districts in the Bay Area with this recognition. In order to be eligible to apply for the District of Distinction Accreditation, a district must first complete a SDLF District Transparency Certificate of Excellence. For more information about SDLF programs, please visit

Wildlife Cam - Golden Eagle - OSA - 04-01-2013

Virtual Event: Golden Eagles of the Northern Diablo Range
Thursday, February 9  |  7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

The northern Diablo Range of west-central California supports one of the largest and densest known breeding populations of golden eagles in the world. Join us for a special webinar featuring the scientists who are currently studying these magnificent birds in the area. Register here.

hiking 101 Thumbnail

Hiking 101 - A Virtual How-To!

Every year, thousands of new hikers from all over the Bay Area hit the trails for the first time! Last month, we hosted a virtual crash course about staying safe on the trail, what to pack, and how to make the most of your time outdoors. Watch the recording here.


Tails of Two Cities: Wildlife Connectivity From the Bay to LA

Wildlife need more than a patch of healthy habitat – they need connected landscapes in order to survive and thrive. Last month, our friends at Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) hosted a special virtual program exploring the habitat connectivity issues that wildlife face. Dive deep into the projects that conservation groups are taking on to build a more connected and healthy ecosystem in California! Watch the livestream recording here.


Did you know?

Raptors have a flair for romance! Breeding pairs of white-tailed kites go for long flies together and bond by sharing food with one another mid-air. And the mating ritual of red-tailed hawks is basically an aerial tango - involving meeting mid-air and spiraling down together. Can you say couple goals? (Discover more of Santa Clara Valley's most romantic wildlife on our blog).

Happy Valentine's Day!


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We acknowledge that the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority works within lands that were originally stewarded by the Awaswas-, Chochenyo-, Mutsun-, and Thámien-speaking peoples. Today we are honored to partner with the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area in our shared work to protect and restore the environment and connect people to land. Learn more.

Photo Credits: Year in Review photos - David Mauk, Annamarie Pilon; Flooded Laguna Seca - Derek Neumann; Poppies - Megan Robinson; Red-tailed hawks - David Mauk; Earth Valentine - Canva; SDLF District of Distinction Accreditation - Caroline Hernandez; Golden eagle - Open Space Authority wildlife camera; Hiking boots - Alex Roa; Bobcat - David Mauk; White-tailed kite - David Mauk

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