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June 2023

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Wildlife of the Pride Flag

The traditional 6-color Pride flag, with a photo of native animals representing each color

Diversity in nature is just as important as diversity in our human communities. Pride Month, which amplifies and supports LGBTQ+ voices, history, rights, and culture, is one of the largest celebrations of human diversity. In honor of Pride Month, click below to see the animals that make up every color of the Pride flag.

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A group of children in blue Boys and Girls Club t-shirts on a hike.

Open Space Authority Urban Grant Program awards over $910K to local organizations

On May 18, the Open Space Authority's Board of Directors unanimously awarded over $910K to 13 local organizations working to increase the wellbeing in their neighborhoods, connect people to nature, promote access to healthy food, and so much more. To learn about the latest grant award recipients and their projects to bring nature to more neighborhoods, click here

A photographer in profile kneels in golden grass, taking a photo

Nature Photography Guide

Thursday, June 15 is Nature Photography Day! To try your hand at it, read our nature photography guide that has everything you need to know to get started. We look forward to seeing your photos! Tag us @open_space_authority on Instagram.

Three cows stand on a grassy hillside looking at the camera

How the Open Space Authority Reduces Fire Risk

“It’s not a matter of if, but when,” says David Mauk, Natural Resource Technician, on the threat of wildfires, puts it. When it comes to mitigating wildfire risks, a proactive approach is key to protecting life and property. It's all about being proactive. Read the Open Space Authority's approach to reducing fire risk here.

A plate of colorful peach and vegetable salad

Summer Produce Guide

Summer is just weeks away! That means sunny beach days, park picnics, and other outdoor adventures are around the corner. What's on the menu? Hint: it's stone fruit season 😍


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In other news...

Aerial view of expansive farmlands, with mountains in the distance

County Grant Program Helps Local Farmers and Fights Climate Change

Our partners at Santa Clara County launched a new Agricultural Resilience Incentive (ARI) Grant Program and one of their first recipients is Spade & Plow - a farm that makes organic produce affordable and accessible in the Santa Clara Valley. Click here to read more about how the county is protecting agricultural viability in the region.

Looking south across a green Coyote Valley, with distance dark mountains in the distance

Climate Smart San José Just Got Smarter!

Last month, the San José City Council voted unanimously to incorporate the Natural and Working Lands element that City staff developed, in partnership with the Open Space Authority, into their climate action plan known as Climate Smart San José.

A group of hikers walks along a ridgeline, with green Coyote Valley below them

Pathways to 30x30

The State of California released its first Pathways to 30x30 Progress Report, detailing the State's latest achievements on the roadmap to protecting 30% of the state's lands and waters by 2030. The Open Space Authority is honored to be a part of this initiative. In this 30th year since our founding, the Open Space Authority is reaching the milestone of conserving 30,000 acres of natural and working lands in service of creating a more livable future for all.
A bumblebee with text above that says "Pollinator Party!"

In case you missed it...

Join the Open Space Authority to party along with our native pollinators! Come learn about our most common buzzing neighbors as well as meet some rare species that are special to the Santa Clara Valley. Explore the amazing biodiversity of our backyards and open spaces. Watch the recorded webinar here.

Did you know?

Unlike the social, hive-dwelling, honey-producing European honeybee, most of California’s 1,600+ native bee species are solitary and DON'T make honey. These native bees are crucial members of the ecosystem, and they are efficient pollinators of native plants and the crops we depend on for food.   

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Bumblebee on the flower of a Mount Hamilton thistle

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We acknowledge that the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority works within lands that were originally stewarded by the Awaswas-, Chochenyo-, Mutsun-, and Thámien-speaking peoples. Today we are honored to partner with the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area in our shared work to protect and restore the environment and connect people to land. Learn more.

Photo Credits: Boys and Girls Club hike - Saved By Nature; Wildlife photographer - Paul Dileanis; Cows at Sierra Vista - OSA Photo Archives; Peach salad - Veggielution; Farmland - Jordan Plotsky; Coyote Valley landscape - Stephen Joseph; Hikers at Máyyan 'Ooyákma – Coyote Ridge - Ron Horii; Bumblebee on Mount Hamilton thistle - David Mauk

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