Tell us your Coyote Valley Story!

North Coyote Valley MapAlmost 1,000 acres of open space, wildlife habitat, floodplains, and farmland have been protected in North Coyote Valley! The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority and its partners are starting a master planning process to create an "open space for all." We'll be working hard to gather input from all communities to design a space that we all can call "ours."

Please help us during this early outreach by answering a few questions about what Coyote Valley has meant to you in the past, what types of experiences you've had there, and what is most important to you for Coyote Valley's future.

Cuestionario del área de conversación North Coyote Valley de Verano 2020


Bảng câu hỏi Mùa hè 2020 Khu vực bảo tồn North Coyote Valley 

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